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Rodger Miller, DDS


"The night guard Dr. Miller made for me has changed my life! It fits perfectly so that I now sleep comfortably and wake up with a pain free jaw."
- Lynne D.
"I have been going to Dr. Miller for several years. He is friendly, professional (he has been 5280's top dentist a couple of times) and very knowledgeable. He does a lot of continuing education, which I appreciate. He removed my mercury (silver) fillings from my youth and replaced them with a white ones that are not toxic!"
- Nancy H.
"As a nurse (MS, RN) & patient with several years spent in the dentist chair (braces X2, cavities, gum disease), I have never "loved" going to the dentist BUT this has changed! My dental care with Dr. Miller has been outstanding, relaxing, very caring & skillful. Most of all he loves being a dentist! I plan to refer all my TMJ patients to him as I know they will receive excellent care."
- Lesley A.
"Dr. Miller is knowledgeable, caring, and has a great "chair side" manner. I am very happy with the care I've received!"
- Ann H.
"Dr. Miller is a very caring and experienced dentist. He puts you at ease when you visit his office. I am glad to have found such a dentist."
- Rhonda Z.
"Dr. Miller has been my dentist for quite a number of years. He is very skilled and personable. I am very confident in his ability as a excellent dentist."
- Scott B.
"I went to Dr. Miller for corrective denture/implant repair. He spent a great amount of time researching, working with the lab and me to make sure that this time the denture would last. He is a great dentist and happy to have found him!"
- Kristin V.
"Dr. Hannagan found a great dentist to take his place. Dr. Miller is experienced, skilled, personable and obviously cares about his patients. To say that I am happy to have Dr. Miller as my dentist is an understatement. I'm thrilled - (and relieved to have such a great care-giver)."
- Doug S.

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